Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Venus Transit today - 6/5/2012

Haven't had the old Telescope out in a while...
But since Venus' transit across the sun is all the rage today, and since it won't happen for another 105 years I just had to dig it out.
So I threw on the Solar Filter...

And started snapping some pics - these are about the best I got...

I didn't power up the telescope motor so it wasn't auto-tracking. I had to keep adjusting manually as the sun moved.  That's kind of a pain... and boy was it hot out there!

Here are my pics of the "Venus transit" this afternoon.  I used my digital camera and just held it
to the eyepice of the telescope.  They are a little shakey, but I didn't have time for
a full equipment setup...  :-)   (Oh yeah, a lot of sunspots visible, you can see some in these pics)

Clear Skies!

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