Monday, April 9, 2012

Looks better in person.

New alarm clock displays time and outside temperature on the ceiling above my head.
Actually works very well.  Phone camera just doesn't do well in the dark.

SlingBox fixed - Capacitors Replaced

It was easier than expected.  Dropped in to Radio Shack and bought 2 new, bigger capacitors for about 4 bucks total.   Spent a couple of hours de-soldering, re-soldering, re-assembling and testing the fixed box.
Voila!  It worked like a champ!

More pics here:  SlingBox repair Pics

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blown Capacitor

Learning a little about capacitors.  Instead of paying 100 bucks to replace my out of warranty SlingBox I may be able to spend a buck-fifty for two capacitors and fix the dead box.   Notice the two nearest capacitors have a domed top, the third capacitor in the back has a nice flat top?  The dome indicates a blown capacitor.  Too much pressure built up inside.

Hope it works!